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Disposable skin care sponges for professional estheticians.

Esthetician Supplies

Effective tool for deep skin cleansing

When performing skincare for individual customers, disposable sponges are essential. With the advantages of pure natural, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable, cellulose facial sponges is an irreplaceable product in every SPA. 

Key Benefits

It can help the estheticians quickly clean the customer’s face and complete the skincare work, and it will not cause harm to the environment when used. Due to its unique pore structure, it can effectively remove any cosmetic residues to achieve deep cleansing.

In daily life, people can also use it as a regular facial cleansing sponge at home; it can help you remove facial masks, cosmetics, and other residues at any time. Long-term use can effectively exfoliate keratin and promote blood circulation in the skin. You can even recycle it multiple times; just put it in a ventilated place to quickly air dry to prevent bacterial growth.

UC Sponge provides cost-effective cellulose sponge for facial and skincare and offers wet and dry products. Our wood pulp face sponge have the fastest delivery time in the industry and best alternative to Essential Spa Supplies, Pool SPA Direct and Universal Companies Spa Supplies.

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