Promotional Products

Biodegradable Promotional Products That makes Impressive.

Promotional Products

Deliver Information More Impressive

You could Print your company/brand’s logo and slogan directly on the surface of the dry sponge or even make its promotional card. Imagine the surprised expression when your customer suddenly noticed that the sponge would swell several times the original size after immersing it in water.

Key Benefits

Advertising with Cellulose Sponge is environmentally friendly, practical, and eye-catching way especially compressed sponge.

If you are an environmental protection company or an innovative company, you can also consider directly using sponges to make business cards. This unique way of displaying will make you more noticeable among customers.

UC Sponge provides low MOQ compressed cellulose sponge sheet printing customization services, which help your company be more eye-catching in business activities and create more potential value.

Promotional Sponges Examples

Various shapes, colors and patterns can be customized with low MOQ.

Promotional Compressed printed sponge

Cleaning Sponges A

Great for dish washing, cleaning counter-tops, sinks, appliances, floors and more.

printed Sponge promotion

Cleaning Sponges B

Work well for bathroom cleaning of showers, tile, sinks, countertops and glass.

Promotional Products

Business Name Card

Creative printing with your or client’s logo and contact information.

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