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UC Sponge is a professional supplier of Swedish Sponge Cloth in China. We process and sell qualified imported sponge cloth wipes made in Europe. In addition, we can provide dry and wet materials and customized printing services.

Do you know that? Not All Sponge Wipes Can Be Called Swedish Cloth!

In this market, many companies can provide sponge wipes. However, the texture, color, and thickness of the sponge wipes they provide are different. Wipes that look similar in appearance are big differences in inside quality. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in the Chinese market. High-quality sponge cloth materials are generally imported from Europe. A higher proportion of wood pulp fibers wipes feel very soft, while more than 80% of Chinese wipes have a rough plastic feel and have very poor water absorption. This can be seen on three-party platforms such as Amazon. End consumers prefer to obtain high-quality sponge cleaning cloths at a more affordable price.

UC Sponge has many channels to import raw materials or semi-finished products from Europe for many years. We provide the finished Swedish Cloth to buyers in different channels through customized processing. The quality of our products is higher than 90% of the price of Chinese suppliers10 It is very competitive, and is your excellent partner to open up the cleaning industry.

cellulose sponge cloth side view

We only sell and process cleaning wipes imported from Europe.

Sponge wipes made of European raw materials have been highly rated above 4.8 on all platforms, better than 90% of Chinese cellulose cloths.

UC Sponge purchases 100% pure European sponge wipes through importers and agents. Then carry out related production and processing. High-quality wipes ensure your commercial reputation and enable you to surpass your competitors quickly.

A full range of customized processing.

UC Sponge can provide the slitting, drying, printing and OEM processes of sponge wipes. Through a complete quality control system, to meet your customized product needs.

custom printed sponge cloth

More Features Of UC Swedish Cleaning Cloth

Have all the excellent characteristics of cellulose sponge cloths.

Super Absorbent

Absorb 25 x Weight than other cleaning supplies.

Machine Washable

Reused up to 50x times after toss into washer.

Reduce Waste

Swedish dishcloths saves 150 rolls of paper towels.

Easy Clean

Easily clean, doesn't stick oil and quick dry.

360° Customization

Any size, shape and color can be manufactured.


The crushed wood pulp fiber can be composted.

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10 More Reasons You Should Choose UC Sponge

Retail Giants' Supplier

UC Sponge is a trusted supplier for Forbes's top 100 retail companies.

Better Raws Than 90% Chinese suppliers

Our sponge cloth raw material manufacturers come from top 2 vendors from Europe.

Long Term Storage Fast Delivery

Ready to ship in 7 days, multiple colors, moist / dried version available.

Better Prices and Delivery

UC Sponge has more competitive prices and is twice faster as 70% of its peers.

0 Tool Investment

No tool investment of $1,000 or $2,000 is required.

Minor Tolerances

The production appearance tolerance is within ±2 mm.

Cellulose Sponge Expert

More than 10 years of professional experience on cellulose sponges products.

Export Worldwide

Products are shipped to more than 40 countries and regions.

Avg 4.8 Reviews

On Amazon and some other platforms, high rated by users with more than 4.8 points.

OEM Custom Manufacturer

One of the countable supplier in the Chinese market that can produce imported sponge cloth.

Trusted by Distributors and Brand Owners

“Thanks for the great service. Our customers love cellulose sponge. UC Sponge has really helped our business. I could probably go into sales for you.”
Martin Foster
“We switched from a US based sponge manufacturer to UC Sponge, and the difference was huge. They really care about the quality and thoroughness of their work”
Bryan Cirius
“There are very few companies left that you can depend on to continue providing great products year after year. UC Sponge is one of the few that I rely on.”
Jane Dowser

Swedish Sponge Cloth Manufacturing at UC Sponge.

Customization of appearance and size.

Compound production of sponge cloth.

Sponge cloth dehydration and thickness control.

Computer digital printing and silk screen printing.

OEM processing for the commercial field.

Customized processing of moisturizer exclusion.

100% Hassel Free Order & Limited Offer !

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Swedish Sponge cloth bulk

If you found our raws are not made in Europe, we guarantee 100% Fully refund, No Question asked.

We found that there are many fraudulent suppliers in the market. Especially in the Chinese market, they take advantage of the non-circulation of information from consumers and purchasers to have more bargaining space and squeeze more lucrative profits by counterfeiting the names of overseas suppliers. This will have a severe impact on your brand reputation and profits. We hereby promise that if you find our materials, which are not imported from Europe, you will receive a 100% refund. 

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UC Sponge will 100% refund your first mold and sample express cost once you placed the order!!!
You can also enjoy an extra 3% discount on your first order.

Ultimate Guide To Sponge Cloth

This guide will help you find quality Swedish sponge cloth.

It covers everything you have been looking for, such as design, type of cellulose sponge cloth, benefits, cost, and care procedures, among other critical aspects.
So please read this guide before buying Swedish cleaning clothes.

What are Sponge Cloths? What is Swedish Cloth?

Sponge Cloth and Swedish Cloth generally refer to cellulose sponge cloth, cleaning supplies made of cellulose and cotton fiber. A Swedish Sponge Cloth is a reusable, compostable cloth that can be used to clean and replace paper towels and plastic sponges.

It is sometimes called Swedish Cloth because it was invented by a Swedish engineer in 1949. The dishcloths are biodegradable, reusable and extremely cost-effective, and very efficient. This is why they’re frequently used across Scandinavian countries, including Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland, which are also among the most sustainable countries globally.

Not all Sponge Cloths are Swedish Cloths.

Under normal circumstances, Swedish Cloth can refer to Cellulose Sponge Cloth, but not all Sponge Cloth can represent Swedish Cloth. 70% of the cellulose cloth on the market has the same or similar color thickness. Still, the internal interlayer material is completely different. Swedish Sponge Cloth’s patented manufacturing process ensures excellent water absorption and toughness while ensuring a soft feel.

What are sponge cloths made of?

The Swedish dishcloth is constructed from 70 percent sustainably cellulose as well as 30 percent cotton. Cellulose is made of coniferous wood and other cotton fibers. Because it is made of natural wood, it can be 100% degraded naturally and will not cause damage to the environment. The cotton is “waste cotton,” that is, it’s made up of cotton fibers that are way too small to be used in the industry of textiles and could be discarded as waste.

Since every Swedish dishcloth can be 100% compostable, it is widely used daily as a new green cleaning material. In addition, it has good water absorption and features, and perhaps it has played an essential environmental protection role in many fields.

What makes for an environmentally-friendly Swedish Dishcloth?

Three main characteristics in Swedish Sponge Cloths ensure they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Three of these features are:

* Their materials
* Their useability
* Their availability

Before we begin, let’s examine their ingredients. Swedish Sponge Cloths are made of “waste cotton” and sustainably procured cellulose. What exactly is “sustainably produced” cellulose” actually referring to?

Cellulose is the essential building block in plants. It’s also part of every paper product you purchase since cellulose fibers make up the pulp stretched and then compressed to form paper. In addition, paper is recycled because the cellulose fiber gets new life thanks to the eco-friendly production and recycling of Biodegradable Swedish dishcloths.

Let’s discuss usability. Why is their application that creates Swedish Sponge Cloths environmentally friendly? Swedish Sponge Cloths are made to replace the waste generated by paper towels and sponges made of plastic.

Don’t overlook that a Swedish Sponge Cloth can replace the equivalent of 17 rolls of paper towels. This is a lot! Swedish Sponge Cloths are a great way to contribute to a healthier and cleaner environment by reducing the use of single-use items and cutting down on the millions of tons of landfill waste every year.

Additionally, Swedish Sponge Cloths are 100 % biodegradable, which means they can be put into the compost pile and not thrown in the garbage after their usefulness is over. The cloths are all printed using non-toxic dyes. This makes them completely safe for water, soil, animals, and plants since they’re disposed of and recycled.

What are the types of Swedish Dishcloths?

Sponge cloth wipes are divided into two types, dry and wet. Like a normal cellulose sponge, the wet version is sponge cleaning cloth products containing humectants, which are convenient for long-term storage. The dry cloth wipe is a dried product, which can generally be printed with computer screen printing and made into any pattern.

Where can we use sponge cloths?

You can utilize Swedish dishcloths for cleaning any surface within your home! From polishing to wiping to cleaning, Swedish sponge Cloths are exceptionally versatile. So, are you looking for ideas for putting those Swedish dishes towels to the test? Here are some of our top ways to use Swedish Sponge Cloths:

* Cleaning and scrubbing dishes
* polished Silverwaer
* Clean up spills
*Cleaning the dirt off the vegetables such as the mushrooms, lettuce, green peppers, and many more.
* Cleansing your pet’s coat and paws following an outing during the wet, dirt, or snow
*Give your child a brightly colored, fun, and enjoyable method to clean up in the tub
* Cleanse built-up dirt and grime out of your shower and tub.
* Give your windows a smooth shine in your next spring cleaning session
* Polishing streaks and fingerprints off of stainless steel appliances.
* Cleansing dust, cobwebs, and dirt off your walls
* Cleansing the inside and the exterior of your vehicle (don’t forget about the windows!)
*Cleaning up spills from floors, countertops, and cupboards
* Wiping dirt, dust, and grime off the kitchen and home surfaces
* Dust off your shelves as well as overhead fan blades and countertops

Other Featured works you can do with Sponge cloths.

You think that a Swedish Sponge Cloth is only used to clean off spills? Don’t be fooled! There are many ways to use a Swedish Sponge Cloth. The eco-friendly cleaning cloths we offer are not only extremely absorbent; however, they are sturdy and flexible. Here are a few of our most-used uses:

* Window cleaning that is streak-free
* Wiping marble or granite countertops
*Cleaning floors made of wood
* Polishing stainless appliances made of steel
* Clean dishes and SilverwareSilverware following meals.
* Washing the shower and bathroom fixtures
* Scrubbing off mildew and grime out of the tub
* Removing household spills
* Cleaning your car from the inside to the outside
* Wiping off dust-prone surfaces like dressers, overhead fans, tables shelves, bookshelves, and so on.
* Drying off your dog’s coat as well as paws after an icy walk

It is the best of all; a Swedish Dish Cloth is packed with cleaning power, even without household cleaners. To get a chemical-free cleaning, you can use vinegar and water along using Your Swedish Spoon Cloth!

Industrial use for Swedish Cloths

Besides the household cleaning. In the field of medicine, it’s employed to apply currents of stimulation to human tissue. In interior design, and it’s used as a sound-absorbing fabric; in refrigerated counters, it assists with the process of evaporation.

How to use sponge cloths?

Sponge cloths are used in all home areas to clean sinks, stainless steel appliances, mirrors, granite, glass TVs, computers, bathtubs, shower doors, natural stones, toilets, faucets, and other fixtures much more. They remove makeup and hair and other dust, dirt, and dirt. In addition, sponge cloths can be used on surfaces, including glass and natural stone, and leave no scratch marks.

It is possible to use almost any cleaning product that uses sponges, such as dish soap, dishwashing liquid, or any other household cleaner.

* Don’t draw the lint
* Keep surfaces streak-free
*It is easy to sweep away dust and dirt
* Be super absorbent to wipe up spills and drips
* Safe for granite countertops, countertops stainless steel, glass
* Add polish and shine to windows and stainless steel appliances. Faucets, and much more!

After you’ve cleaned, polished, mopped, washed, and polished to your satisfaction, it’s time to wash your Swedish dishcloth. Place your dishcloth in running water for 5 to 10 seconds to eliminate dirt, dust, and food debris. After that, let the dishcloth air dry before the next use. Hang your Swedish dishcloth on the kitchen sink, or over the faucet or even on drying racks.

Swedish sponge cloths are quick-drying and odor-proof, making it simple to reuse each dishcloth several times without worrying about dampness or smell. Of course, even the most durable of dishcloths need to be washed at some point. This is why we’ve made our Swedish dishcloths wash machine and dishwasher user-friendly! It is safe to put your Swedish dishcloths into the dishwasher or washer more than 200 times.

So, you’ll get nine weeks of wear (or even more!) out of dishcloths which makes cleaning products for one-time use and their waste to be a thing from the past.

How to care of Swedish Dishcloths

Cleaning Swedish dishcloths is easy! Here’s the step-by-step process:

1. Utilize the Swedish dishcloths to clean, mop and scrub, polish, and then clean.
2. Lay or hang your Swedish dishcloth to dry. (Expert tip: hang your dishcloth over racks, hooks, or above your faucet to ensure that it dry quicker.)
3. When you’re ready to wash the Swedish dishcloth, throw it into the washer or put it in the rack on top of your dishwasher.
4. Place flat on the floor to air dry. After drying, you can use your Swedish dishcloth repeatedly!

Each Swedish dishcloth can be washed up to 200times or more, equivalent to the equivalent of nine years (or longer) of use.

How long will the Swedish cloth last?

On average, a dishcloth lasts between 9 and 12 months – however, there have been instances where they last longer than that! If you care for them properly, your Swedish dishcloths. There’s no way to know how the time frame will be. At some point, the cotton fibers and wood cellulose will begin to fall apart. The way we’ve designed them is that since every Swedish dishcloth can be 100% compostable, they’re not intended to last for a long time (though you’ll wish they did! ).

Swedish Dishcloths in comparison to. ordinary sponges

Kitchen sponges collect dirt, moisture, and other debris, which creates the perfect place for the growth of bacteria. In reality, your kitchen sponge is home to greater amounts of active bacteria than other places within the home, and that’s not just talking about your toilet.

Have you ever had to throw away an old sponge because it began becoming “old” or musky? That smell is due to bacteria that live in the sponge, and a major reason is that sponges take more time to dry. Therefore, if you’re using them frequently, there is a greater chance that the kitchen sponge will never have the chance to fully dry, which can lead to a prolonged period of bacteria growth (and decrease the useful life of your sponge as a result).

Instead of using a microwavable sponge and placing it in your dishwasher or being stuck in a cycle of buying new sponges every two weeks, why not go for a Swedish dishcloth? Every Swedish dishcloth will absorb up to 15 times its weight, making cleanup an easy task. Even better, Swedish dishcloths dry quickly, making it difficult for bacterial growth to prevent and make your kitchen cleaner more than ever.

Just two Swedish dishcloths equal an estimated 10 kitchen sponges in a comparison of Swedish dishcloths with. Regular sponges dishcloths are the clear winner for their efficient, sanitized, and eco-friendly cleanup.

Is there degradable packaging suitable for Swedish sponge cloths?

Of course, full composite organic bags made of corn starch or other PLA materials on the market can be naturally degraded. If you have high requirements for environmental protection or carbon emissions, we can provide corresponding packaging solutions.

Can a microwave oven sterilize Sponge Cloths?

According to relevant laboratory test data, short-term high temperature and ultraviolet disinfection can kill 95% of the bacteria that cover the sponge cloth’s surface and harm the human digestive tract, such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus.

What is the difference between you and North American suppliers?

There are very few foaming plants for cellulose sponge cloths in the world. North American suppliers and ours use the same raw material supply companies. The main difference lies in processing costs and delivery timeliness. From these perspectives, we are more competitive. Some processing plants in North America and Europe also purchase original sponge cloth from us.

Our biggest advantage: We could deliver orders immediately and you do not need to wait another 6 months for your orders like other vendors.

I hope you got all information you were looking for in this guide.
However, if you still have more questions on sponge cloths, feel free to contact us.

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